• Struggles Every Girl Deals with in the Summer

    It’s finally summer! Time for warm weather, no school and ice cream. Despite all of the wonderful things about this season, from the flip flop grime to sticking to the seat, it’s no secret that summer isn’t always pretty for us girls. During and after puberty though, there are unfortunately a few more awkward struggles you will no doubt experience on hot summer days like shaving and pit stains. So here are just some summer struggles and our tips for dealing with them. 
  • The 6 Types of Acne and how to Treat Them

    Pimples, zits, spots, blemishes, breakouts - there are so many names for acne. Many people think that all acne is the same and should be treated in a one-size-fits-all sort of way, but there’s actually many types of acne, and they should all be treated differently. In this blog post, we will look at the six different types of acne, what causes them, what they look like and how you can treat them. 
  • 5 Social Media Myths You Need to Stop Believing

    Social media is an ever-increasing presence in everyone’s lives. We seem to spend more time each year scrolling through different apps on our phones and connecting with others. But it can also have its drawbacks. Here are five social media myths and how realizing they aren't true, can make you feel so much better.
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