• Older Sister Advice: Bloating

    After a night of dining at your favourite restaurant, have you ever felt the need to unbutton your pants or wish you were wearing looser clothes? If you’re wondering why, then you can blame the culprit—bloating. Keep reading to learn more about bloating and how to avoid it.
  • Older Sister Advice: Friendships

    Friends are great to have around: you can do fun things together, chat about stuff you both like, they can help you feel like you belong, and they can help you navigate the awkwardness of middle school and high school. But sometimes, friendships aren’t always easy. So read our article for tips for dealing with all kinds of situations you might experience when it comes to friends. 
  • Older Sister Advice: Relationships

    It might feel like everyone around you can’t stop talking about crushes and relationships. In an environment like that, it can be pretty easy to start feeling left behind. However, everyone experiences this, so here are a few tips from Elizabeth from Apricotton on how to navigate this awkward time and avoid feeling left out.
  • Yes, You Can Go Swimming on Your Period

    The idea of swimming on your period, for most girls, is a nightmare. Even though you may be tempted to just skip the swim session for fear of leaving a trail of blood behind you, as it turns out, you actually can go swimming during your time of month. Here are all the facts you need to know on swimming during your period
  • Why Do I Have an Irregular Period?

    Yayyy, you got your first period! Congrats! Now, you are part of the period club. The typical menstrual cycle is 28 days long, but if your cycle is way off, you might have an irregular period. There's quite a few reasons why you could have an irregular period, so read on to find out 6 reasons that could be causing it.
  • Older Sister Advice: Shaving

    Ready to start shaving? For those who are interested in shaving, we want to offer some advice instead of having you rummage through hundreds of articles and links on Google. Read more to learn how to shave and some extra techniques and tips.
  • What Can You Expect Before Your Period?

    If you haven’t gotten your period before, you may have never heard of premenstrual syndrome and you probably aren’t too excited to learn about what your future holds. Read on to learn what you can expect BEFORE you get your monthly period.
  • Older Sister Advice: Periods

    We're here to help you deal with your first period, from breakthrough bleeding and irregular cycles to removing period stains.
  • Older Sister Advice: Sweat

    SWEAT... one of the worst parts of puberty. Luckily, Apricotton's got you covered with tips on hiding sweat with deodorant and sports bras. This article is a part of our Older Sister Advice series to help answer your most common puberty questions.
  • Older Sister Advice: Getting Used to Boobs

    Read our Older Sister Advice column to learn what health class is failing to teach. This week: boobs. Growing boobs is such an awkward physical and mental change but the good news is that you don't have to go through it alone. We're here to help. 
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