• Riley's Story: Trial and Error

    Riley really struggled with her first bra, and the process to find a new, comfier one. Read more to see her journey of trial and error to find a bra during puberty.
  • Anika's Story: What I Learned About Puberty

    Puberty is a time in your life that is full of changes, making it both exciting and scary. You will notice new things happening to your body as well as new and confusing emotions. As Anika has already experienced the awkwardness of puberty, she has some tips to help you as you go through this.
  • Orion's Story: Finding the Middle Ground

    Bra shopping is a process that requires a bit of trial and error. For Orion, it took her a long time before finding which bras she preferred. Read her story to learn about her personal bra shopping story!
  • Kath’s Story: It's ok if You're Still Figuring it Out

    Online bra shopping can get messy without a proper measurement guide. Check out Kath's story about her struggles to find the right bra size...
  • Chloe's Struggle: Bra Shopping as a Trans Girl

    Not all first time bra buyers are thirteen. Some, like Chloe K., are 20. You see, Chloe is transgender. Recently, she was kind enough to take some time from her studies at King’s College to speak with us at Apricotton about her experience buying her first bra and her thoughts on bra shopping as a transgender girl.
  • Linda’s Story: Debunking Puberty Myths

    "To me, puberty is as mythical and mysterious as manifesting my first period through a dream. Nonetheless, I embraced the novelty of puberty with open arms." Read on to learn all about Linda's journey through puberty and all the puberty myths she had to unlearn...
  • Jessica's Story: Finding the Perfect Bra

    Jessica, the co-founder of Apricotton, shares her bra shopping story, and her attempts to find the perfect bra at a tween and teen.
  • Melody's Story: Puberty is Not a Race

    Resident writer, Melody Lau, talks about her experience with going through puberty before all of her friends and feeling indifferent when going bra shopping for the first time.
  • Anika's Story: Bra Shopping is Awkward

    In the most relatable way, Anika talks about her first bra shopping experience, how embarrassing lingerie stores are, and how she finally found a bra that fit.
  • Elizabeth's Story: How to Love Your Body

    Elizabeth shares her bra shopping story and how to learned how to gain confidence when she was going through puberty and buying her first training bra.
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