• Older Sister Advice: Relationships

    It might feel like everyone around you can’t stop talking about crushes and relationships. In an environment like that, it can be pretty easy to start feeling left behind. However, everyone experiences this, so here are a few tips from Elizabeth from Apricotton on how to navigate this awkward time and avoid feeling left out.
  • Kath’s Story: It's ok if You're Still Figuring it Out

    Online bra shopping can get messy without a proper measurement guide. Check out Kath's story about her struggles to find the right bra size...
  • Chloe's Struggle: Bra Shopping as a Trans Girl

    Not all first time bra buyers are thirteen. Some, like Chloe K., are 20. You see, Chloe is transgender. Recently, she was kind enough to take some time from her studies at King’s College to speak with us at Apricotton about her experience buying her first bra and her thoughts on bra shopping as a transgender girl.
  • Linda’s Story: Debunking Puberty Myths

    "To me, puberty is as mythical and mysterious as manifesting my first period through a dream. Nonetheless, I embraced the novelty of puberty with open arms." Read on to learn all about Linda's journey through puberty and all the puberty myths she had to unlearn...
  • Jessica's Story: Finding the Perfect Bra

    Jessica, the co-founder of Apricotton, shares her bra shopping story, and her attempts to find the perfect bra at a tween and teen.
  • Yes, You Can Go Swimming on Your Period

    The idea of swimming on your period, for most girls, is a nightmare. Even though you may be tempted to just skip the swim session for fear of leaving a trail of blood behind you, as it turns out, you actually can go swimming during your time of month. Here are all the facts you need to know on swimming during your period
  • Why Do I Have an Irregular Period?

    Yayyy, you got your first period! Congrats! Now, you are part of the period club. The typical menstrual cycle is 28 days long, but if your cycle is way off, you might have an irregular period. There's quite a few reasons why you could have an irregular period, so read on to find out 6 reasons that could be causing it.
  • Benefits of Wearing a Bra

    You might be wondering what even are the benefits of wearing a bra in the first place. There are actually many! Read on to learn some of the most important ones... 
  • Older Sister Advice: Shaving

    Ready to start shaving? For those who are interested in shaving, we want to offer some advice instead of having you rummage through hundreds of articles and links on Google. Read more to learn how to shave and some extra techniques and tips.
  • What Can You Expect Before Your Period?

    If you haven’t gotten your period before, you may have never heard of premenstrual syndrome and you probably aren’t too excited to learn about what your future holds. Read on to learn what you can expect BEFORE you get your monthly period.
  • 5 Social Media Myths You Need to Stop Believing

    Social media is an ever-increasing presence in everyone’s lives. We seem to spend more time each year scrolling through different apps on our phones and connecting with others. But it can also have its drawbacks. Here are five social media myths and how realizing they aren't true, can make you feel so much better.
  • How to Find the Perfect Sports Bra

    Physical activity? Yes! Playing sports? We love it, you got this! But one thing we don't love is when our uncomfy sports bras make our healthy lifestyles more difficult. We'll teach you all you need to know about how to find the perfect sports bra for you.

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