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Older Sister Advice: First Job

What do you want to be when you grow up?

You’ve most likely been asked this question far too many times throughout your life from many different people, whether it’s a relative or the local barista at your favourite café.

But no one is really asking you what your dream first job will be. 

Kate’s Story: The Art of Overcoming Comparison
For Kate, comparison was a great source of insecurity, but she learned to overcome this. Read Kate's story to understand her own journey through puberty as a late bloomer and read her tips on how to deal with needing to compare yourself to others.
Why Do My Breasts Grow and Shrink?
Have you ever noticed that sometimes your breasts appear larger or smaller than usual? Throughout your life, you will probably notice changes in the size of your breasts - whether that be shrinkage or growth. Just like other parts of your body, it is entirely normal that your breasts change in shape, size and texture - they can even grow or shrink to different sizes! 
How to Set & Keep Your New Years Resolutions
With the New Year starting, it is common to feel a mix of emotions heading into the unknown. From excitement to anxiety, the New Year offers the gift of a fresh slate - an opportunity to unlearn bad habits and establish new routines. With this foolproof guide to setting (and sticking to) your New Year’s resolutions, the new and improved you will be able to tackle this year with positive momentum. 
Our Affordable Holiday Gift Guide
The quintessential holiday season is filled with joy, excitement and a familiar panic - what to gift your favourite friends and family members? With so many unique loved ones, how do you decide on the perfect gift for each without breaking the bank? Luckily, we've assembled a comprehensive list of thoughtful gifts for your best friend, mom or dad.
Best Cures to Boredom: Holiday Edition
While the winter holidays are a great opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family, and take a much needed break from our hectic day-to-day lives, you may find yourself with too much spare time on your hands. In the event that you find yourself overwhelmed by a lack of items on your to-do list, we've prepared a curated list of genuinely entertaining activities to try this holiday season.  
Is it Normal for Hair to Grow There?

Did you know the only parts of our body that aren’t covered in hair follicles are the palms of our hands and the soles of our feet? You may not believe this fact after taking a closer look at your body, but our bodies are covered with hair! Read our blog to learn more about where it's normal to grow hair.

Types of Period Products
Whether you recently got your first period or Aunt Flo has been around for a while, it’s no secret that periods can sometimes get messy. That’s where period products come in. Most people think that tampons and pads are the only types of period products, but that’s actually not the case. Here are four types of period products you can try, how to wear them, and the pros and cons of each. 
Tips for Entering High School
While the jump from middle school to Grade 9 can seem intimidating, there’s nothing to fear.  Although you may feel like a small fish in quite a large pond at first, friendships, academics, and planning for the future will come more naturally to you than you might expect. Here are three tips to help you feel right at home!
Older Sister Advice: Stretch Marks
When most people think of puberty, they think of things like getting their first period and developing boobs. Another normal and natural part of puberty though is getting stretch marks. Not sure what we’re talking about? No worries, we’re here to help. In this blog post, we will walk you through what stretch marks are, why you get them, where you get them, and how to deal with them. 
Bras to Pair with Different Coloured Tops
When shopping for your first bra, the biggest thing is making sure that it’s the right size and it fits properly. But another important part of picking a bra is the colour.
Types of Swimsuits
It’s time for fun days of splashing in the pool or relaxing by the beach. To be summer-ready though, it helps to have a swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable and confident. But how do you know which swimsuit to buy? We've got you covered with the types of swimsuits, their benefits, their downsides, when they are best to wear and our advice on wearing them.  
Struggles Every Girl Deals with in the Summer
It’s finally summer! Time for warm weather, no school and ice cream. Despite all of the wonderful things about this season, from the flip flop grime to sticking to the seat, it’s no secret that summer isn’t always pretty for us girls. During and after puberty though, there are unfortunately a few more awkward struggles you will no doubt experience on hot summer days like shaving and pit stains. So here are just some summer struggles and our tips for dealing with them. 
How to Celebrate a Quarantine Birthday
If you're celebrating a pandemic birthday, we’re here to make sure your birthday is better than ever by offering fun and creative ideas to celebrate. You can also use these ideas to uplift your friends on their special day!  
How to Ask Your Parents for A Bra
Are you not entirely sure how to ask your parents for a bra? Thankfully, we've gone through the same thing and can help! Here are three tips that can assist you in asking your mom or dad for your first bra!
How to Prevent Maskne
Wearing face masks is essential in preventing the spread of COVID-19, but we can all admit we get annoyed with masks at times — especially when it leads to mask-ne. Here are some tips to prevent yourself from getting acne from your mask!
Puberty Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Know but Were too Afraid to Ask
If you want your puberty questions answered but are not feeling too comfortable about going to your parents or friends for answers, we are here to help! We asked you on Instagram for your burning and awkward puberty questions, and here are your top 5!
Types of Breast Shapes
Breasts are incredibly unique. There’s no universal size, shape or consistent growth rate. You may fall into one of the nine categories of breasts shapes or have a distinctive shape yourself. Discover which shape your breasts are most similar to through our handy guide!
Everything You Need to Know about Bralettes
"Why should I wear a bralette?" There are so many different types of bralettes - you'd be surprised! Read more about them in Apricotton's blog post.
Types of Underwear for Women
There's different kinds of underwear? Yes! We broke down the types of underwear you can buy, their cheekiness-level (aka how much of your butt cheeks are showing) and what to wear with them.