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3 Self Care Tips to Brighten Your Day
A lot of the time on social media, self-care is usually portrayed as doing activities like using loads of expensive skincare products and doing a ton of online shopping. Although stuff like that can be fun, self-care doesn’t have to break the bank! You can relax just as well by following some of our tips!
Older Sister Advice: Bloating
After a night of dining at your favourite restaurant, have you ever felt the need to unbutton your pants or wish you were wearing looser clothes? If you’re wondering why, then you can blame the culprit—bloating. Keep reading to learn more about bloating and how to avoid it.
Riley's Story: Trial and Error
Riley really struggled with her first bra, and the process to find a new, comfier one. Read more to see her journey of trial and error to find a bra during puberty.
Anika's Story: What I Learned About Puberty
Puberty is a time in your life that is full of changes, making it both exciting and scary. You will notice new things happening to your body as well as new and confusing emotions. As Anika has already experienced the awkwardness of puberty, she has some tips to help you as you go through this.
Why Do I Need to Wear a Sports Bra?
From underwire bras to bralettes, there are so many bra designs that there’s even a Wikipedia page on it! We understand bras can be confusing and you may be unsure of which one to wear for which occasion. We’re here to help and we’ll first start off with discussing why wearing a sports bra is important when exercising. 
Older Sister Advice: Friendships
Friends are great to have around: you can do fun things together, chat about stuff you both like, they can help you feel like you belong, and they can help you navigate the awkwardness of middle school and high school. But sometimes, friendships aren’t always easy. So read our article for tips for dealing with all kinds of situations you might experience when it comes to friends. 
Home Remedies for Period Pain
Even on their own, periods can be tough! But add cramps into the mix and you can feel even worse. To help get you through the week of your period, here are some tried and true tips that are proven to help reduce pain.
How to Handle Peer Pressure
In books and movies, we often see our favourite characters get into messy situations because of peer pressure. But when we’re faced with peer pressure in-person from our friends or family, it can be difficult to react. We came up with a few examples of peer pressure to help you through this tough scenarios.
3 Signs You're Wearing the Wrong Bra Size
If you’re going to wear a bra, it’s important that it’s the right size so that you can be as comfortable as possible and actually enjoy wearing one. Surprisingly, over 80% of women are actually wearing the wrong bra size! Wearing the correct size can go a long way, and here are some signs that you might need to purchase a new one.
The 6 Types of Acne and how to Treat Them
Pimples, zits, spots, blemishes, breakouts - there are so many names for acne. Many people think that all acne is the same and should be treated in a one-size-fits-all sort of way, but there’s actually many types of acne, and they should all be treated differently. In this blog post, we will look at the six different types of acne, what causes them, what they look like and how you can treat them. 
Orion's Story: Finding the Middle Ground
Bra shopping is a process that requires a bit of trial and error. For Orion, it took her a long time before finding which bras she preferred. Read her story to learn about her personal bra shopping story!
Older Sister Advice: Relationships
It might feel like everyone around you can’t stop talking about crushes and relationships. In an environment like that, it can be pretty easy to start feeling left behind. However, everyone experiences this, so here are a few tips from Elizabeth from Apricotton on how to navigate this awkward time and avoid feeling left out.
Kath’s Story: It's ok if You're Still Figuring it Out
Online bra shopping can get messy without a proper measurement guide. Check out Kath's story about her struggles to find the right bra size...
Chloe's Struggle: Bra Shopping as a Trans Girl
Not all first time bra buyers are thirteen. Some, like Chloe K., are 20. You see, Chloe is transgender. Recently, she was kind enough to take some time from her studies at King’s College to speak with us at Apricotton about her experience buying her first bra and her thoughts on bra shopping as a transgender girl.
Linda’s Story: Debunking Puberty Myths
"To me, puberty is as mythical and mysterious as manifesting my first period through a dream. Nonetheless, I embraced the novelty of puberty with open arms." Read on to learn all about Linda's journey through puberty and all the puberty myths she had to unlearn...
Jessica's Story: Finding the Perfect Bra
Jessica, the co-founder of Apricotton, shares her bra shopping story, and her attempts to find the perfect bra at a tween and teen.
Yes, You Can Go Swimming on Your Period
The idea of swimming on your period, for most girls, is a nightmare. Even though you may be tempted to just skip the swim session for fear of leaving a trail of blood behind you, as it turns out, you actually can go swimming during your time of month. Here are all the facts you need to know on swimming during your period
Why Do I Have an Irregular Period?
Yayyy, you got your first period! Congrats! Now, you are part of the period club. The typical menstrual cycle is 28 days long, but if your cycle is way off, you might have an irregular period. There's quite a few reasons why you could have an irregular period, so read on to find out 6 reasons that could be causing it.
Benefits of Wearing a Bra
You might be wondering what even are the benefits of wearing a bra in the first place. There are actually many! Read on to learn some of the most important ones... 
Older Sister Advice: Shaving
Ready to start shaving? For those who are interested in shaving, we want to offer some advice instead of having you rummage through hundreds of articles and links on Google. Read more to learn how to shave and some extra techniques and tips.