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Anika's Story: Bra Shopping is Awkward
In the most relatable way, Anika talks about her first bra shopping experience, how embarrassing lingerie stores are, and how she finally found a bra that fit.
Elizabeth's Story: How to Love Your Body
Elizabeth shares her bra shopping story and how to learned how to gain confidence when she was going through puberty and buying her first training bra.
Older Sister Advice: Getting Used to Boobs
Read our Older Sister Advice column to learn what health class is failing to teach. This week: boobs. Growing boobs is such an awkward physical and mental change but the good news is that you don't have to go through it alone. We're here to help. 
How To Find the Best Bra
The best thing a bra can do is make you feel confident in your body. Just like the clothes you wear, you should choose a bra that you like and that feels right for you - we'll make sure of it.
How do I Ask my Parents for a Bra?
Did your parents never speak a word about puberty? Was it relieving but also stressful? Don't worry, ours didn't either and here's how we figured it out.
Do I Need a Bra?
Figuring out when you need a bra can be tricky. We’ve created a short quiz to help you find out if you should get a bra, along with some tips on how to convince your parents that you’re ready to buy one.