Our Story

When Chloe (left) and Jessica (right) were younger, they struggled to find bras that fit their body type. Flash forward 10 years and Jessica’s 12-year old sister, Cindy, is dealing with the same problem. The mature lingerie stores and intimidating sales associates made Cindy feel uncomfortable. To make matters worse, the only bras that were suitable for her age group were the smallest sized sports bras. Cindy tried on nine bras before finding two that fit properly. Cindy and her sister bought them, but only eight months later, she had grown out of them and had to go through this grueling process all over again.

This discomforting yet common experience sparked the idea for Apricotton, a Toronto-based teen bra brand that helps girls across Canada and the U.S. find bras that fit and make them feel confident. We eliminate the awkwardness of going to the store to buy a girl’s first bra. Most importantly, we design bras tailored to every girl’s body type, so that they can grow as she grows.

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Chloe and Jessica, the founders of Apricotton.